Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tonight's TV - Tues 17th March

What the flip is going on with Horizon? Personally, all I want is Cox. Brian Cox. I suspect that joke might have worked better on the radio. Anyone would think I wrote this for the radio and have now repurposed it for the blog. Dear me no. Not my style. Always fresh, every time.

Anyway. Horizon. Tonight the show is fronted by David Baddiel, who will no doubt be twiddling his stupid earring and talking about education. I’m sure the former English reader at King’s College Cambridge will have plenty to say to the likes of you and me about education. What do you mean, bitter?

Frog Blancmange, anyone? No? Bone Marrow Rice Pudding? Heston Blumenthal is rapidly turning into a culinary Roald Dahl – mmm, dahl – with his latest offering, Heston’s Tudor Feast at 9 on Channel 4. Still, it might be moderately entertaining to watch Sophie Ellie-Bextor and Cilla Black trying to get it down. Fame is a cruel mistress. They must be desperate.

Finally, oh well, Horne and Corden continue their sketch show on BBC3 at 10.30. Whether your favourite is the lumpy one, and I’m a fine one to talk, or the one with eye shadow, there’s something there for everyone, if everyone has never ever ever seen the Fast Show, Smack the Pony, or almost any comedy, quite possible including Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. 

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