Thursday, 30 July 2009

Sliding into Darkness

Oh, this is wrong. And I mean Properly Wrong.

I was in Bristol a couple of weeks ago, and we got drunk on Pimms, and there was a skip.

So I said "Let's go Dumpster Diving!".

So we did.

What we found looked like something out of Lost. Amongst the busted office chairs, ceiling tiles and bits of carpet, there were dozens of wallets of slides.

So we took some.

And they are DARK, my friend. Here's a teaser for you:

It's the last one on that list that turns it into a SAW prequel, I think.

I shall post more. Some of them are really unpublishable. I am talking severed human feet. Not only that, but the names of the patients are written on the slides. Surely that is a bit wrong. Surely there must be such a thing as a Slide Shredder?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

What I Am Doing In The Mornings

I hope the clement weather finds you well.

Some bits and pieces for you:

"Pleased to Meet You" the Sony-nominated radio show featuring my alter ego Dora Dale is enjoying some repeats on BBC Radio 7 - you can catch up here:

Although I don't know of whom the photo is. One wouldn't have minded being consulted on such things... Ah well. Dora will be making her debut in Edinburgh this year... See below.

Also, Jake Yapp's Little Bits, my new, compact podcast is up to show ten (10) now - you can catch up here:

Work continues apace on the TWO (2) Edinburgh shows. I do hope you can come. I am doing previews on the 16th and 26th July at the Doghouse in Kennington, if you fancy it. Admission free and all that. If you'd like to read the little blurby bits about the shows, you can do so here, on the Edfringe website:

I am pleased to report I will be working with the preposterously affable Danny Wallace when he sits in for Adam and Joe on 6Music from July 11th. Do give the show a listen if you can. It'll be good!

Also, I am now an official voice over artist, registered with the lovely Emma Harvey of Harvey Voices. You can see my page and listen to samples here:

And now, my cat has eaten my earphone, so I must go and buy a replacement.