Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Exclusive Delia Smith 'Cheat!' Recipe

It's worth digging out the Xmas TV Chefs piece on the little Reverbnation Player-thingy at the bottom right of this page, if you haven't already heard it. It is not bad it is 7/10.

Anyway. I can now share with you this exclusive Delia Smith recipe from her Cheat! series, in which she shows you all the quick and easy shortcuts in cooking. I can share it cos it never made it into the final cut of BBC3's Most Annoying People of 2008, which featured me for a glorious nine seconds. Anyway, here's the recipe:



1 Loaf Sliced White Bread
2 Tins Sardines
1 Ready-Made Lasagne


Hammer slices of white bread flat. Layer in a dish/bucket with mashed-up sardines. Scrape cheese off top of lasagne ready-meal and put on your slices of bread. Microwave for a bit and hey presto! Quick and easy Sardine Lasagne.

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