Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Road Trip - Part 1


Mile 0

The boot is full. Our souls are empty. Still we pack. Will there be room for the three of us?


Mile 0

We are OFF, out of this shitten town, on a brisk, clear February morning.


Mile 3

I can feel we are approaching city limits. I can see the mountains on the horizon.


Mile 5

Lothianburn Junction. A ‘Welcome to Midlothian’ sign – we have busted out of Edinburgh!


Mile 12

Passed Penicuik. Out in the hills on the A702. It’s so beautiful. Suddenly, all the elements come together, and you can see nature working the way it should. Instead of a huge, monolithic city trying to be New York on top of a marsh.


Mile 15

Carlops. Presumably it’s an upgrade from Cyclops. “Troglodytes” mutters mum.


Mile 72

Annandale Water Services.

Stopped off to watch the poor boy at Costa Coffee who is presumably in his first week of employment. The safety pin through his ear offset his bad shaving wonderfully.


Mile 93


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