Sunday, 16 August 2009

Eleventh Night

We are drinking gin.

It's all about the flyering. And it's hard work. And, currently, Mum and Dad are doing it all. For hours a day. Out in the elements. I am going to find some people to do some. Today mum flyered an old couple who were kissing.

"How nice to see people in love" she said.

"Ach," said the man, "D'ye like kissing then?"

"We-ell..." said mum.

And the man moved in and kissed my mother. Yes. I am whoring my mother out for this show. It is not right. She bravely said something about "It's fine, I washed when I got home..."

So not right.

On a sidenote, Facebook suggested I might like to be friends with Lisa Tarbuck today. I don't know why. I was very flattered, I'm sure. Out of interest, I clicked on her profile, and discovered she only has one friend. It's Ken Dodd.

I feel rather sorry for Lisa Tarbuck now. Should I be her friend?

We are trying a major change in the pay show tomorrow. Yipe!

Wish me luck...


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