Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Seventh Night

One of the loveliest things about being in Edinburgh this year has been meeting some of the 6Music listeners. There were a couple at The Caves this evening, and they were really smashing. And I can't remember their names now because I am a disingenuous prick. God dammit.

To be honest, it's all turning into a bit of a blur.

I would be completely stuck without my parents. We have a timetable drawn up on the back of the living room door where we're staying. It is mapped out to the hour. No kidding.

The average day runs like this:

6am - Get up, work on 6Music

10am - Do some sort of exercise

10.03am - Stop and practice smoking. Ok I am joking. Feebly. But it is late. Cut me some slack.

11am - Sleep

12pm - Get up, lunch, shower, etc

1pm - start flyering

4pm - Show 1

5pm - Flyer evening show

8pm - Show 2

9.30pm - Guest spot

11pm - Home

11.45 - Bed

I am beginning to tire - I can feel it. So how lucky I am to have the 'rents watching my back.

I swear to god, I finished lunch today, and I said to my father "What do I have to do next?" and he said "Now it is time to go to the toilet, and then we are going flyering".

We actually have bowel movements scheduled now.

I don't take that flippin' long.

I think I might be on BBC Scotland tomorrow! Crikles.


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