Saturday, 22 August 2009

Fifteenth Night

It's all a question of balance.

Inasmuch as, I actively welcome a bit of friendly heckling. It makes the show fresh and exciting. It truly makes a show.

But it rapidly becomes boring. So do please feel at liberty to contribute to the show. But if you have already tried it half a dozen times and failed to take the roof off with your witty badinage, may I politely request that you then shut the fuck up? And, particularly, please don't stomp all over the punchlines.

Both shows today were really heavy going. People just chatted through the afternoon show, and the evening show was just crappy, with some hilarious wags just shouting whatever sprang to mind pretty much the whole way through.

Yuckola. What does one do? I am 35, it is pretty much too late to train as a dentist now. I am going to have to plough on with this shit, god dammit.

So, you know. Fuck it. Bring it on. That which does not kill me leaves me feeling depressed and insecure. But I shan't stop. Damn you, pissed-up heckling twats.

On we go!


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