Thursday, 20 August 2009

Fourteenth Night

It was my privilege to welcome the players from Oompah Brass into the audience this evening.

They are truly superb musicians. It is difficult to express in words the effect their playing has. They do the most astonishingly good cover versions of rock classics, in an Oompah style. Their show has quite rightly garnered five stars and is sold out. If you can get a ticket, go - you will not regret it.

Check them out on

In other news, my poor parents are flyering frantically. I think everyone is growing quite tired. Festival Fatigue is setting in. It's hard, man. Don't underestimate the toll flyering takes on you, if you're doing it seriously. It's a mini-show every time. And people can be very rude.

Dad had a little moment of satisfying schadenfreude this afternoon. He stopped a couple, and unsuccessfully flyered them. As a result of him stopping them, they got out of step with each other, and the man trod on the woman's shoe, and broke it.

It may seem cruel to laugh at these people, but they can be horrible. Or just plain weird. This one happened this afternoon, too:

DAD: Do you like to laugh?

OLD MAN: Oh, no. No.

Dude like totally WTF etc. Anyway. On we plod. It is a bit of a grind. The shows themselves are ace, ace fun, and we all have a jolly old time. But the behind the scenes is hurting us all. We could do with a glowing review. We finally got a review today, but it didn't really glow. It all comes down to an individual, and I rather stalkerishly read his other reviews. It seems his favourite show involves a chap called Monsieur Montpellier and surrealist improvised something or other. Which I am sure is lovely, but it is unlikely you'll particularly dig my music or comedy if you're into that.

Three stars. Hmph. I know it sounds a little callous, churlish, even, to 'hmph' three stars. But I got three stars last year from the same publication and there is NO WAY you could say this year's show isn't massively better than last year's. So, you know...


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