Sunday, 23 August 2009

What a Ridiculous Existence

This is a mad way to live.

For the last half an hour, all I have done is debate with myself whether to have a shower now, or after the afternoon show. Or to go for a run after the afternoon show and then shower. Or to run now, shower, and then do the afternoon show. Because then, I've blown my shower for the day, and I can't really shower again, which I'd like to do before the evening show. But I do sort of need to shower for the afternoon show. Should I shower now, or shower after the afternoon show?

Mother is counting leaflets. She is up to 283.

Father is emptying rice out from boil-in-the-bag rice bags so he can cook it.

Deliver us.



  1. I'm going to the free show greasy. Well, you know. They haven't paid...