Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Nineteenth Night


That is the sound of the Edinburgh bubble bursting for many people this evening.

Where is everybody?

Shows cancelled, tiny audiences... Lordy. I had a small but select bunch in this evening. I think they enjoyed it. Sometimes you just can't tell. I do hope they did.

Did the Pink Bus this evening, and then a late one at the Electric Cabaret at C Central. It was a nice night, and the audience was nice, but it absolutely cemented my feelings about venues with a completely dead acoustic. It is REALLY unfriendly to a comedian. We had a totally acoustically dry room, and the white noise of an air conditioner to contend with. I know it sounds pretentious to talk about such things, but, god, it really makes a difference.

I have to say, I felt in a daze on stage for the last gig. It is too much to be doing comedy from 6am-1am. I have totally overstretched. But, you know. I am proud of having survived, and I am proud of most of the shows. And I have met some great people.

Found myself giving Richard Bacon stand-up tips this evening. Ha! Who do I think I am? He's going to be doing stand-up live on Five Live on Thursday night at 11pm. I think it will be worth hearing. Sadly, I'll be compering at the White Horse then. Sowerby and Luff's All Stars, minus Sowerby and Luff, and Plus Jake Yapp. My first compering! Lawks.

I left my jacket somewhere. Bugger. I love that jacket.


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