Saturday, 15 August 2009

Tenth Night

O heavenly gluttony!

O orgy of fat!

Tonight we have had FISH AND CHIPS and I have had RUM AND COKE MMMMMMM

I have been looking forward to this all week. NO 6Music work tomorrow. So tomorrow I am at liberty to LIE IN feeling REALLY POORLY.

And I SHALL. Make no mistake. Wicked.

I am enjoying the show more and more. Tonight we had 59 people in to the paying show. 59! Gorblimey. Never thought I would be able to revel in such a luxury.

The mime seems to be doing well. I hope I am not jinxing it. At any rate, it's ace fun to do.

And this evening I played the Pink Bus again. It's great. It's mad. The top deck of a bus that's been covered with crazy junk... And you stand at the top and look like a ticket inspector. I go MAD with the power. Come down! It's at the C Venue - Soco Urban Garden on Cowgate.

It is, however, a bit like a typical bus journey, in that there always seem to be one or two slightly strange people on board...

Anyway. I'm trashed. Nighty!


Oh, yeah, and PS hello to the lovely couple who I am sure came to see me last year, and were at the afternoon show (particularly the gentleman who volunteered to be my personal trainer), and to lovely Melanie, for doing the double and coming to both shows!

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