Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Thirteenth Night

It is a curious irony, that one's best performances often come after a night of binge drinking and little sleep.

Yesterday was the day off in the run. So we got drunk.

And today I assaulted Arthur's Seat, if you know what I mean:

Ran from Haymarket, over in the West, all the way East to Arthur's Seat, and back again. Ran up as much of it as I could... I looked like shit. Felt good though, in a bleak sort of way.

This afternoon's show was a bit treacley, until we got to the shanty. There were some lovely people there, including a 6Music listener, who didn't realise I worked on Shaun's show, but recognised my voice. How AWESOME is THAT? I shall tell you. Very.

I am so enjoying the show now. Less than a dozen performances left! Please can somebody figure out some way I can do this some more?


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