Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Ok, Alright, Dammit, BEFORE I Go to Bed... - Jake Yapp Review

About that review. Not, I hope, that you have read it. It was in threeweeks, it was three stars, and it was pretty non-committal.

Anyway. SHOULD you decide to read it, do take it in the context of its author. I quote from his blog profile:

Tommy 'Tp' Peel

About Me

Hello Dear Reader, I am a Drama and English student at Hull who enjoys all types of Media activities but like a large number of people, am continually pissed off by it. I also struggle to spell. I hope to be a decadent but am far too worried I might kill myself

Everyone is, of course, entitled to an opinion. Just bear in mind that the opinion you'll be reading is his opinion. The opinion of a man who doesn't even put a full-stop at the end of his sentences


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