Tuesday, 18 August 2009

John Darwin - Canoe-Death Fraudster - The Diaries

Apparently, he lived off pies and cola, while he faked his death.

Day 43

Decided to just relax today. Fancied a pie and some cola. And why not? We’re quids in. I’m living the high life in this little wardrobe. Well done, John. Well done me.

Day 44

A nice relaxing day. I thought, “why not?” so I treated myself to another pie and cola. Delicious. There’s plenty to do in here. Sometimes I stare at the wood panelling. Sometimes I smell it.

Day 45

Relaxed today. Pie and Cola again. Noticed a nail I hadn’t noticed before. What a laugh.

Day 46

Relaxed. Pie and cola. Wood.

Day 47

Pie and cola.

Day 48

Pie and Cola.

Day 49

Pie and cola

Day 50

Ok, maybe I am getting slightly bored.

I know! I’ll have a pie.

And some cola.

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